Fall Safe is a proud Australian company that was established to protect Australians with tendencies to fall. We are a distributor working closely with a Smart Wear Research and Development company which has been focusing their efforts on quality wearable airbags since 2014.
Fall Safe products ensures the safety of our customers and provides protective assurance to a common incidence – falling.

Fall Safe’s Vision:
To inform Australians young and old about falls and to provide people wearable airbags that protects them in the event of a fall.

Fall Safe’s Mission:
Our mission is to improve the quality of life of Australians. With the application of Fall Safe’s products, Australians are protected from injuries as a result from falling, which could impact their quality of life.

Fall Safe’s Values:
• Provide an individual confidence in their daily activities
• Quality products to provide safety for our customers
• Emotional distress is not suffered by loved ones and themselves
• Providing access to information about falling and fall prevention
• Provide families assurance about the safety of their loved ones